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This book covers all of the topics listed by the Oregon Board of Massage Therapists as required for the Oregon practical exam. Each section of the book is designed to cover in detail a specific exam requirement. They include:
Exam Format: candidate requirements and conduct, exam procedures, what can stop the exam, getting the results, and other details.

Exam Sections: a brief introduction to important parts of the exam -- communication, assessment, kinesiology, and massage.

Details: extensive information on the following topics: verbal and non-verbal communication, SOAP notes, physical assessment of all joint motions (passive, active, resistive), and palpation of each joint.

Pathology: descriptions of all of the sixty-nine diseases listed by the Oregon Board plus indications and contraindications for massage, movement and hydrotherapy for clients with any of these disorders.
Kinesiology: origins, insertions, and actions plus lengthened and shortened positions for all muscles on the Board's list.

Massage: definitions, variations, purposes and effects, areas of use, depth, and contraindications for effleurage, petrissage, tapotement (percussion), vibration, friction, compression, and fascia release. Also includes a section on body mechanics.

Passive Stretches: of all muscle groups. Final Tips: exit interview skills, avoiding client endangerment, preventing failure, and what to do
when the exam is completed.

Appendix A: the complete Oregon Massage Board muscle list.
Appendix B: the Oregon Laws and Regulations that relate to the practice of massage.
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